About Me

Most profiles catalog a long list of career accomplishments, awards and designations. However, the essence of Intertwined is more organic and authentic, so there is no reason to make you read a resume on my career for you to understand what I'm trying to accomplish. In fact, now that I have launched BeIntert.wine.d™, I feel the process of redefining myself has surely been set in motion. With that said, let me tell you about why Intertwined is from my heart.

Ron and Camine Pappas tasting wine in the barrel room
of Beringer Vineyards, Napa Valley, CA, September, 2008
  My journey to North Carolina, and my arrival at this place and time in history is a story that brings meaning to the three concepts of CONNECT, NOURISH and BELIEVE.They are my guide for creating this online community and the gift items now for sale. This is not ordinary venture. It has come about from much searching and transformation. I hope it will help transform the way you see yourself and how you see wine.

CONNECTION: Prior to moving to Charlotte, NC in 2004, my husband Ron and  I lived in Seattle, WA. Proximity to the wonderful wine regions of the Northwest made tasting and learning about wine easy and it was a natural progression from a hobby that began in California 10 years prior.

Because I have always been a creative soul, with writing, art and speaking at the heart of my business and leisure activities, the two disciplines soon merged into an intense and passionate desire to share what I believe is a very meaningful and deep connection between wine, the vineyard and the journey of women.

When we first moved to Charlotte, I was fortunate enough to meet some fantastic women that connected me to Women Who Wine, where my passion for wine intensified and was refined. Later, in 2008 Carmen Hunter and I founded Networking, Women and Wine so that women who love wine can gather and share authentic friendships, create honest and productive dialog, and find balance and acceptance. With over 400 women who either read our blog or attend our meetings I realized I had to take my dream to the next level.

After meeting Cynthia Howard (the artist who painted the grapes for the Elevage series) at a NWW event, I could see that years of passion, talent, and opportunity were going to intersect. Our dreams and our lives were about to "Intertwine." Then, while traveling to Napa and Sonoma in 2008 with another special friend, I was transformed by the whole experience--sun and sky, smells and textures, people and art -- and I realized this world of wine would be the element I would use to take my writing, my art and my desire to teach and coach women to where it should be.

Through the unwavering support and love of my husband Ron, countless supportive friends, and just not a little courage, I began to believe that I could create a platform for a special community of women to grow and heal eachother, through the message of the vine. It would be done in a very unique, uplifting and inspiring way.

Intertwined has the potential, I am sure, to be one of the largest if not the largest online community of women who seek to balance their lives, reach out and mentor, support and teach, while learning about and enjoying wine.

There is hunger and there is food. But until food is consumed to satisfy, edify and promote joy, the magic of nourishment cannot take place. In a way, that's how I feel about Intertwined; only with a purpose will this dream come to pass. And so, I must share my experience, my vision, my words and my heart to women everywhere so that they can become Intertwined with eachother and the wisdom of the vine. (To read my "I believe" statement, click here.)

If you see yourself in these words, help us build this community. Join the blog, purchase the cards, and share the message with all women you meet!