About The Art

The beautiful oil paintings that are the inspiration for the Elevage series are by Cynthia Howard.
 Cynthia, a resident of Charlotte, NC, began painting more than 30 years ago while living in Missouri. Over her career she has taught art classes, organized art centers and art shows and today enjoys a full time career immersed in her work. Gifted with a special talent for capturing the delicate and powerful essence of the items she paints, she is also an avid wine lover. That makes the story of her journey with Intertwined even more special!

The inspiration for our alliance came about when Cynthia showed me a small canvas of a cluster of wine grapes she had painted for a friend. The colors were simple, bold, yet organic, as well as timeless, intense and almost soulful. I had always written verse about wine and the vineyard, and I had always intended to design a line of gift cards. Seeing Cynthia's art created the beginning of an exciting and unique venture that will nourish all women who love the vine, art and poetry.

To view her work and visit her website, click here.

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