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"I Asked For Wisdom"
You and I will find the answers we seek for darkness is not the end to knowledge. It is where the path to light and enlightenment begins. Even the vine explodes with color because of the shadows, not without them!

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"I Choose To Forgive"

Forgiveness rewards us like vengeance never will, feeds us as sorrow cannot and builds a bridge to the future that only the broken understand.

Let’s rebuild a new future, together!

"Bursting With Promise"

You are an amazing person with unlimited potential just waiting to be unleashed.
I believe in you!

"Choosing To Survive"

All your efforts are now being recognized.
You have proven that the struggle pushes us through
to the prize.
Congratulations on sticking with it!

"Strength From Within"

Deep within you lies all the strength you need to move mountains.
It is built into your character, even your very soul.
I know there is nothing you cannot do!

"Peace Will Return"

I wish you peace and comfort as you wait patiently through this time.
Abundance always follows the trial,
and I am here to share every experience with you.

"Taking The First Step"
Congratulations on taking the first step to success.
I always knew that you would stand out and make a difference in the world!

"Thriving Together"

Why do we thrive? Because we guard each other’s dreams, rebuke disbelief,
and celebrate the connection that has always seen us through.
Thank you for being my friend!